Our Journey

NZPGS has taken a significant step towards environmental leadership, sparked by challenges of noise and fume issues at residential sites.

Recognising our obligation to address escalating carbon emissions and energy instability across New Zealand, we initiated thorough research over three years to explore viable solutions.

In line with our values and vision, we are proud to offer the New Zealand and Pacific market sustainable energy solutions that address evolving client needs. Among the options we've explored, battery energy storage systems (BESS) have emerged as a standout, showing remarkable efficiency rates.

BESS not only enables the seamless integration of renewable energy sources with storage but also promotes zero-carbon emissions during operation. The hybrid capabilities of BESS offer additional benefits, particularly in carbon reduction and cost savings when paired with diesel generators.

At NZPGS, our commitment extends beyond meeting regulatory standards.

We strive to minimise environmental impacts through a tailored approach that ensures our decisions are both sustainable and economically viable.

By leveraging the right equipment for each application, we aim to deliver solutions that not only benefit our clients but also contribute positively to the planet.

Our Emissions

At NZPGS, we operate a fleet of vehicles used by our employees for transporting equipment and providing services to our clients.

As such, our primary source of emissions stems from fuel usage.

To address this, we have invested in modern, fuel-efficient commercial vehicles as part of our commitment to reducing our environmental impact.

Sustainable Development Goals

Case Study:  Construction / Rental

80 KVA Genset


Diesel Generator alone runs 10h/day with 75% of the time running at low load, consuming 26,640L fuel per year.



  • Genset charges BESS unit for one hour twice a day.

  • BESS supplies power for the K-loader.

  • Fuel Consumption is reduced to 12,240L per year.

14,400 Litres of diesel are saved annually

That's a 38592.00 kg reduction in carbon equivalent emitted every year (CO2e).

Saving $16,105 per year

ROI 3.3 years

Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) HBD Series

Our Commitment

NZPGS is committed to conducting a thorough review of our emissions profile and implementing robust strategies for emission reduction.

Following a government analysis, we have identified key categories where carbon emissions are most significant. We are fully dedicated to enacting changes within our company to drive a positive environmental impact.