Diesel & Electric Powered Generators

Our range starts at 5KVA and goes through to 1250KVA. We provide generators for all types of industries from civil construction to events. Available for hire and purchase. Fast delivery NZ Wide.


Sales & Support Services

Get in touch for your pump solutions.


Years of experience in the construction, rental, and sales industry. 

5KVA to 1250KVA Generators 

Our range starts at 5KVA and goes through to 1250KVA.  All our units are in acoustic canopies.

We can offer switchboards, junction boxes, compliances, and cabling to all rental contracts.

The NZPGS has been involved with some of the largest genset rental projects in New Zealand over recent years.

Industry-Leading Energy Solutions

  • Quiet technology

  • Scalability: can meet specific energy storage needs

  • Rapid responders

  • Grid resilience: improving reliability

  • Environmentally friendly: facilitates the integration of renewable energy

  • Long lifespan

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