Pioneer Pumps


With the support of Pioneer Pump, we can supply custom-built solutions to the market wherever it is needed and fast

Pioneer Pump has secured a reputation as the choice of "Rig Pump" within the global oil industry

The Australian and New Zealand mining and rental markets see Pioneer Pump leading the way with innovation, reliability, efficiency, and after-sales support.

Engineering leadership

From the Arctic to the equator, from oil exploration to corrosive waste, Pioneer pumps are built to survive — and thrive — in the most demanding applications.

Robust ductile iron (or special metal) construction combined with oversized bearings and shafts provides unparalleled reliability. In industries and climates where the cost of downtime is highest, confident customers count on Pioneer Pump.

Smart designs

Our modular design allows us to fulfill your needs with the right pump for multiple applications while minimising spare parts.

Mounting multiple pump ends on standardised heavy-duty bearing housings enables us to build and ship quickly.

Our trailer packages are designed so you can convert to stationary skid with just a few turns of the wrench.

Our versatility gives us the confidence to say 'yes' to your needs while saving you money.

Rugged construction

Pioneer Pump’s innovation begins with our engineering team.

Using the latest computer technology, we design our pumps to deliver outstanding hydraulic performance for both solids handling and clear liquid applications.

Our large impeller eye areas provide higher suction lifts, lower NPSHR, and more stable operation.

No other company designs and builds centrifugal pumps capable of our extreme flows and pressures.

Green by design

With stricter environmental regulations, pumps must be safer, cleaner, and more efficient than ever.

All Pioneer pumps utilise the latest engineering techniques to provide high-volume efficiency and low energy consumption.

Unlike our competitors, our patented PosiValve™ priming valve prevents spillage and carryover of the product.

Compare our pumps to others on gallons pumped and energy consumed.

You’ll see why we’re the greenest choice.