Airman Generators and Compressors


NZPGS is proud to be the distributor for the Airman Genset and Air Compressor range in New Zealand and the Pacific region.

Airman is a leading manufacturer of high-quality, reliable, and robust construction equipment in Japan and is rapidly expanding sales across the world.

We look forward to supplying new and existing clients with a range of Gensets and Compressors that will be an asset for them over many years.

Airman Compressors - features

  • Unique screw design

  • Pro-environmental – noise and emission

  • Capacity control

  • Serviceability

  • Tough construction

  • Shutdown and protection systems

  • Operator protection

Airman Generators - features

  • Better generating performance

  • Environmentally friendly – noise levels, clean engine, blowby gas

  • Fully equipped – dual voltage, continuous operation, auto air bleed, parallel operation

  • Easy maintenance

  • Efficient starting system

  • Control panel – easy to understand

  • Safety – complete monitoring system

  • Three options of manufacture