Leading provider of fluid-handling and energy solutions across New Zealand and the Pacific

NZPGS uses expert advice and years of industry experience to deliver cost-effective solutions on a daily basis



Providing the market with one of the most diverse industrial rental fleets in New Zealand.


Proud distributors and after-market supporters of Pioneer Pumps, Airman Generators and Compressors, and Sulzer Pumps.


Confidently offering a large variety of services to our clients.


Providing Flood Disaster Response, Flood Recovery Services and Flood Prevention.

24/7 Sales Support Service

NZPGS is a New Zealand-owned company dedicated to delivering unparalleled expertise in flood management.

Specialising in providing top-tier rental equipment, sales, and project support services tailored to the unique needs of the New Zealand and Pacific markets.

Backed with expert advice and many years of experience required for many unique applications and environments.

NZPGS helps manage your need to integrate capital sales of pumps and generators with rental, field service, and equipment monitoring from one company to cover our markets.

NZPGS has secured distribution in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands of a number of world-leading brands:

Pioneer Pump manufactured in the USA, Airman Generators and Compressors manufactured in Japan, and Sulzer Pumps manufactured in Ireland.




NZPGS has the ability to provide robust and efficient rental, sales, and project solutions to the oil, gas, mining, construction, municipal, manufacturing, and dairy industries throughout New Zealand and the Pacific region.

Ensuring our clients have the most cost-effective and reliable method to manage waste, and flood waters, and receive power or volumes of air to their project or work site.

Having a team with deep industry experience and qualifications applicable to the industry ensures the end user can focus on their task and timelines, not the equipment in the field.

We offer complete turn-key options for all our services.

Health and safety is a key component in our industry.

Driving a culture, where safety is an integral part of every decision across our business.

Working hard to ensure all staff and contractors take personal responsibility and manage risks for their own safety and others around them.

Our approach to the environment is simple.

Recycling all oils and fluids, minimising all transport and travel movements, and offering low-emission engine options to the market.

Whilst selecting machines that are economical to run for each enquiry we receive and investing in the same for our rental fleet.